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HYPERDUNK 2010 once again defended the title and NIKE Almighty shoes, also hope this can illuminate a gilded signboard more derivative shoes, such as AIR MAX HYPERDUNK 2010. This pair of joined MAX AIR 360 HYPERDUNK 2010 is no more versatile, but inside the shoes of this classification but is still doing my banba". Besides adding 360 air cushion and ankle adhesive tape, this is still a pair of HYPERDUNK 2010, the flying wire is in, and the TPU tray is also in. And another good news is that, AIR MAX HYPERDUNK 2010 also has more than ten colors can choose, definitely is now the inner TEAM shoe money is the best choice. download (173.24 KB)〈br 2010-10-6="" 12:16 download (120.71 KB)〈br 2010-10-6="" 12:17 download (76.97 KB)〈br 2010-10-6="" 12:17 download (76.01 KB)〈br 2010-10-6="" 12:17 download (112.98 KB)〈br 2010-10-6="" 12:17 download (109.52 KB)〈br 2010-10-6="" 12:17 download (93.44 KB)〈br 2010-10-6="" 12:17Nike SB will be published more than two popular masterpiece in July, including the first stage P-Rod 7 pairs of Hui Long heavy topic masterpiece, in addition there are two Koston 2 new color, while the Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski the most popular applause at the same time with three low and three new EC system appeared, definitely worth SB fans attention. A series of new Nike SB summer coming soon, you SB fans look forward to .Adidas Originals and sports players NIGO cooperation to build joint family & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2014-10-24 10:30:49 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: FLIGHTCLUB Chinese site] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network October 24 hearing, in addition to the Mountain Marathon TR Mid earlier presentation by adidas Originals and NIGO cooperation jointly build the first series, This time they brought this several Shooting Star joint release. Shooting Star design are based on simplicity, low cylinder outline view, and were used in blue, black and white canvas shoes are constituted, supplemented toe "clover" Logo with blue embossed on the tongue, "25" highlight the word unique brand identity, and finally carrying white rubber soles presented in simple while also full of American retro atmosphere NIGO iconic. Currently, three Shooting Star has bought via HYPEBEAST Store, priced at $ 85 US dollars. (Media Partner: shoe-like image & nbsp; Po Lina shoes) Related news"Du Na" teamed night moving Shanghai 2013-12-08 23:29:51 tennis player Li Na and NBA superstar Durant in Shanghai with more t Cheap air jordans for sale han two thousand young friends took the oath of the city, each corner of the city has become a sweat field. Together with their debut and skateboard star Omar, and the athletes from all walks of life "(" Nike has been adhering to the tenet: as long as you have a body, you are an athlete) together to participate in basketball, football, including skateboarding, tennis, relay race, NTC, dodge ball and other sports, the night of 8 to 10 prime time the change for exercise time. Shanghai "sports night" will be the former Expo stage change city stadium. Many famous athletes encourage teenagers to join the sport with practical actions. One of the most eye-catching is the star basketball invitational tournament led by a number of stars, basketball, culture and entertainment completely integrated, creating the most popular sports trend this summer. adidas Originals announced that Gianna Jun joined the brand spokesperson group 2014-10-29 16:30:34 in Greater China region day before the Gianna Jun portrait interpretation of Adidas Originals's new 2014 winter series, and admits that he has always been a fan of Originals Adidas, "for me, Adidas Originals means that the original spirit. I hope you can, like Adidas Originals, be bold in showing yourself and showing the best of yourself." Adidas Originals's fall and winter series combines fashion trends, including color strike design, animal patterns, etc., and combines them with the prevailing fashion trends. Gianna Jun especially loved the classic black and white bright colors. Whether it's the handsome white alphabet, the black print sportswear, or the zebra coat and the white digital print, the stylish combination of Long Black Jerseys is perfectly integrated with a slightly rustic industrial background. In addition, Gianna Jun also for Adidas Originals and British cutting-edge designer Mary Katrantzou cooperation single product, genius design master Jeremy Scott, as well as the British pop singer RitaOra and other special cooperation series shooting 2015 spring and summer style catalog, please look forward to! 〉dead fly (English name Fixed-gear bicycle or fixed-wheel bicycle), called the fixed gear bicycle. dead fly is a kind of cycling, is generally in the "circle" in the riding, no brakes, and the gear is fixed, fixed in Chinese with "die" said. Flying is the meaning of the flywheel. dead fly is generally divided into racing track and tricks, tricks to show. Speedway racing famous Japanese classical forms of gambling venues bicycle race, also known as Keiri cheap foamposites for sale n events. the event occupies a unique and important position in Japanese culture, but also the Olympic games. The rules of the game is also enough to stimulate: after the completion of a certain number of laps in the motor traction, in the end of the 600 to 700 meters before the end of the sprint. Motorcycle riding in the rapid cycling road cycling, the start of the speed of 30 km / h, and gradually accelerated, reaching 50 km / h. Once the critical speed of the motorcycle, Dodge, players courageously, cidaoxianhong. Collar riding a motorcycle let the riders keep speed save 20% energy. If prior to better effort, storage, it will be in the final sprint than the opponent more dominant. For the timing of the grasp, is the biggest secret race round. in Japan, the race round is a big business: sell 60 million tickets a year, bringing the income of 800 billion yen (about 7 billion 500 million euros). This is also a new wave movement. Founded in 1948, the purpose is to raise funds to rebuild the destroyed neighborhoods in World War II, and to promote the development of the bicycle sport in japan. Many enterprises to enter the field of bicycles only one export competition. Later, these enterprises to enter the international market, has become the industry leader, such as high quality parts manufacturers. currently in Japan have 50 competition venues, each year to attract 20 million viewers, and up to 1.5 trillion yen stake Japan Keirin movement development direction is quite special. On the one hand, the competition as the race in general, allowing viewers to bet on gambling, in order to maintain exercise development and industrial development of the funds. There are nine players per game, and the number of clothes dressed in a variety of bright, convenient viewers bet. In the format of the competition venues, every game riding distance of about 2 km, an average speed of 50 kilometers, arrived at the end of the speed is usually reached 70 kilometers per hour. The beginning of the game, all players will follow a purple orange and white lead, until the speed upgrade to the average, will leave the track leading. Field will have four officials, holding a white flag represent all the best and give red flag on behalf of the danger of foul, must through the video to investigate, when necessary will punish the player. When near the end of the race, the field will ring the traditional Chinese type clock, it's time to remind players sprint. on the other hand, in order to ensure the fairness of competition and other traditional Japanese sports like noble s jordan shoes online sale tatus, competition standard as well as the player 〉popular fashion name of the United States Opening Ceremony again invited Adidas Originals to cooperate, to create a brand new autumn and winter 2014 joint footwear series. The series includes two pairs of shoes, the first pair of boots contour futuristic, shoe body neoprene, suede and leather material mosaic, and equipped with a splash sole; and another is to double the classic Stan Smith as the blueprint to create a strong visual impact respectively zebra, horsehair and prints to create. The series will be sold in major retail stores in the second half of the year, so please look forward to it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- Ninja returns, Nike, Air, Rift KD 2k15 as a cover. iPhone 6 will come with Beats Electronics headphones Apple will buy Beats Electronic for $3 billion 200 million thematic planning / shoe fabric evolution special anatomy / future, ? Batman equipment Mache to create a new Batman theme Nike Air Mag customized shoes, magic color Nike Air Up comments on last article: Batman equipment Mache, create a new Batman theme Nike Air Mag customized shoes section next: magic color Nike Air Up at Fear of God, the latest 1987 Collection store in Italy during the sale of Pop-Up, Jerry Lorenzo through Instagram share with Vans brand new joint project more information. According to Lorenzo revealed that this year's joint project will include 3 pairs of F.O.G., x, Vans and 4 pairs of Fear of God x Vault shoes, and will officially debut in the fall, but the specific shoe type and design are yet to be announced. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- , every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! May be you ignore the sexy and publicity why do the boys have no resistance to girls wearing AJ? - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 Retro Running Shoes I.T exclusive Fear of God don't note Military Sneaker new color, shelves to shoelaces say no, Sasquatchfabrix. x Vans joint Old Skool shoes review on an article: I.T exclusive Fear of God, do not note Military Sneaker new color on the shelves of the next article: say no to shoelaces, Sasquatchfabrix. x Vans joint Old Skool shoes& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp Cheap jordans online ; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - News] Quanzhou many shop conservative estimate there are more than 60% of the way to its own brand management, also known as network original brands. In recent years, traditional companies is almost the same collective force online business, online shopping resources dispersed, this shift is no doubt that the original consumer loyalty is not high network original brand management increasingly difficult, coupled with the Internet shopping platform for " explosion models play, "the repression, for a time," the network original brand Extinction "in the industry uproar. The current elite will be invited to Hu Cheng Lee Lang, vice president of China at the beginning, making shoes president Wang Jiancong Quanzhou, Xiamen few clouds college lecturer Zhaoqing Rui, Galanz men responsible Wu Chao, general manager of the 8th ?????? bear children, etc. to discuss this topic. view a brand Nandi line network under the brand "When it comes to the demise of the network brand is probably a false proposition." Hu Cheng said the beginning of online sales is just a channel, as is the case in 10 years of traditional industries is the same brand surging, and will definitely go through the shuffle stage, Brand killed is inevitable. But must clearly see that most of the network brand and has accumulated under the line compared to the powerful resources of the brand, is indeed still weak, companies must soberly face it. the face of powerful opponents, network brand how to deal with it? In this regard, Hu Cheng early think the first line should stick to their personality does not give up, it proved to have a lot of time online brand management in the try line at a disadvantage. Run for the line had only understand the rules of online businesses is not easy, first is cost. Open a store from rent to management, we need financial support, can only be submerged if the water blindly, actually better than stick to the line, deep online resources. In other words, the amount of funds used under the network brand investment line load exceeds the enterprise, and brand development effort online investment accounted for under the line may be only 10% or even less. Wang Jiancong also hold the same view, he also believes that the network when looking for the store brand business must clear the nature of the store, in the end is to showcase the brand pure, still we want to bring sales, different purposes require different operating mode. Hu Cheng said the beginning of the traditional enterprise online business network brand advantage i new jordans shoes for sale s better, but this is the trend, financial strength by virtue of their own advantages, the traditional brand mostly looking for a professional team to hit the online market, but the current proportion of sales to Look, bring benefits to more traditional enterprises or offline channels, online only supplement. Therefore, the network should still be the biggest rival brand network brand. Second point should flow convert Fans How to do yourself? For network brands should be the most important consumer loyalty, that is how the traffic is converted to loyal fans. "Some people say Amoy brand not the brand, then although a bit extreme, but also pointedly noted that a lot of the network brand go the wrong door, away from the brand basic methods to create problems." Zhaoqing Rui think, no matter what origin, network brand is the brand, but size and power is different, but in order to live well, or use the brand orthodox routines to run, using online tools to give fans who in the world to give the fans who get brand. As for the fans is not the Cock wire, depends on the brand positioning. "play no unity, said the key to win by details." Wu Chao, friends like to call him Superman, as the men's sector network brand Quanzhou dark horse, has been among the top three men's Amoy brand Taobao average daily delivery the amount of more than 10,000. He has been in the stick and others do not like the route, but always stick is for their customer service. 3 years ago when we all operate online flagship store, he took the distribution system is online, quickly open the brand awareness, but then when the traditional enterprise as the online inventory sewer, he was doing exactly the opposite, The next line of township terminal as inventory sewer line has been starting the latest design products. In terms of the flow is converted into a fan, Wu Chao that only innovation and close is the last word, for customer interaction online features, this year they launched their own "corporate head", instead of the original QQ platform stereotyped image of little penguins. As we all know, homogenization online men's most difficult to overcome, for this year Galanz Wu Chao will be the brand's re-sort, originally borrowed more popular in the women's field, "commuter" concept, started the brand slogan "fashion commuter, how are type "to strengthen the R & D team management, multi-style multi-purpose to foster customer loyalty. Point three docking traditional brands seeking cooperation "In fact, the survival of the network brand has a variety of forms, in the face of cheap air jordans traditional brands, especially local Quanzhou traditional brand impact, not only against the possibility." Huang Xiaosheng said, many of the original brand, the predecessor of the network are trade processing enterprise, has the strong processing OEM level, coupled with years of online business combat, these are traditional businesses need. However, as early Hu Cheng said, the network original brand lack of strong financial support, took his bear on the 8th, in the beginning of creation, he would have a forward-looking market programs, such as building a large online designer library achieve win-win, for example, the line store experience double butt, but funding pressures but have been unable to reach his desired height. So now he is looking forward to working with the traditional enterprise, as long as the operation has its own independent space, he is willing to become a sub-brand of traditional enterprises. Hu Cheng early also in favor of such cooperation, seek common ground, the use of Quanzhou local industrial chain advantage, the online business into the line boat ship fleet which may well be a way to survive. But in this process, the network brand can not forget, you need to think about is how to keep your own personality traits, to ensure the original amount the customer has increased steadily. "cooperation could, but in the form of diversification." Wu Chao said, in fact, do not necessarily want to become the leading traditional brand, as long as the business well, the two sides can cooperate on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. He said they will conduct joint marketing and special steps, with their "commuter" concept, "Step arrest a grid" Running Xtep will combine their leisure fashion, to achieve a win-win. In fact, under the co-operation of the line off the assembly line is not uncommon, women had seven princess line and seven wolves there too with "marriage" ceremony for the joint venture as a gimmick, seven princess women's performance during this period of no less than seven wolves. Wu Chao's wish is that in the next 3-5 years to become a network brand in the wolf, to the status of seven wolves like men in the field of offline. Point 4 Virtual and will become the industry trend 020 The concept now is no longer fresh, most of the industry is heard from the traditional brand of such models, in fact, in earlier times, the network would have been concerned about the original brand down to the consumer online experience of online business model . Although the bear became famous in the 8th line, but Huang Xiaosheng have been reluctant to acknowledge its own network original brand. "I had at the beginning of the establishment he already has a line under the brand store, and just has not been developed." ?????? said, desperately throwing money at online brand advertising online traffic rush, he would have been a lot of effort put online operating under the store. Two sales lines, Virtual and consistent prices. Then he wanted to vigorously recruit partners under the line to form a joint venture arrangement under line sales channels in order to butt online marketing. and Huang Xiaosheng also making shoes like brothers launched the Dragon faction, phoenix clan shoes brand. Wang Jiancong said Brothers launched its own brand line faction dragon, phoenix clan also to develop the line dealers. Unlike other brands like foreign names, their date of birth from brand to go is the "National Wind", positioning is Chinese nation, "expensive goods", aimed at the domestic high-end consumers. When the force lines, the same start line at the channel, the current several stores to Direct, the main purpose is to highlight the brand influence. Next, they will also look for the line collaborators, abandoning the traditional enterprise originally popular provincial agency, change to go flat municipal agency, and combined sales online flagship store, the market customer sales data close docking, start 020 of experiential marketing. As long as the online business directly managed stores in sales of products, will be included in the line according to the following regional agents operating aggregates. It is reported, which is currently a lot of traditional companies seeking to overcome the impact of the widespread practice of online transformation. "Virtual and play has become a trend in the industry, the boundary line will further blur the line." Wu Chao said, a year ago they also insisted on not to carry out the store offline market, but now this idea also gradually change. Hu Cheng early that the "dual-network integration" Although the trend, but regardless of the network brand or brands the line there are operating difficulties, network brand or to be treated with caution. For example, online and multi-level dealers and line between the interests of multi-level dealers to how to balance, there is a price control system how to set up and so on. Information more transparent, more abundant channels, companies need to worry about things that will be more investment will be. Take the already famous Korean homes have clothes, they also launched last year, the operating entity of the store, but hold the attitude is "try to find a team that will not cost too much effort," the support they continue to operate the still powerful is independent team of buyers, from development to operations, multiple teams compete with each other, a small team operations. Virtual and companies must understand their actual situation position, it will not get lost in the wind like the competition. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: Apparel Network & nbsp; global fashion brand network.)KAWS I have already confirmed its existence, the black version of the KAWS x Air Jordan 4 "Black" that will be available in 2018, except for KAWS and Jordan of my Brand executives, Drake has become one of the can experience the "lucky"! Drake in its own social network on the Internet in their feet, the same suede shoe body, the same KAWS works fine texture, deeper color showed different atmosphere. there is no specific release date for release next year, KAWS and Jordan Brand will come up with big events like? We will continue to pay attention to! love this article friends please click on Oh, attention to small is not lost! a lot of people say low three points and shooting the ball to Jordan, because then Jonny created NBA record low of three point contest score in the all star three contest NBA, only hit 5 three pointers. Jordan height 1.98 meters, this in NBA, at the most is a medium build. But Jordan's fitness is very prominent, his body muscle fat in the proportion accounted for only 3%, accounting for 5% of fat usually known as the sports genius. He is also a handful of over thirty years, did not decline the miracle of athletes. After the test, 10 seconds 7 is Jordan speed of one hundred meters, a jump of 7.5 meters. In fact, , in NBA, the three ball Jordan's bid is not much, but Jordan also has three pointers, very good 94-95 season, 50% three point shots, averaging 1.9 shots are less. The most brilliant three ball Joe closer is the finals, the first game in the 91-92 season, the Bulls against Portland, Jordan scored three points in the 6 ball 10, scored 39 points to help the Bulls win the blazers. The three season Jordan shot 27%, so 10 in 6 is very good. Jordan once three pointers to myself: "I don't want to just rely on the three ball, three ball I also is not a lot of players. I am a good breakthrough to create players, rather than shooting stood outside the three - point line. If I was training three pointers, I can definitely become the top scorer in history." It's Joe closer analysis quite well, Jordan is great is that he has the ability to score in a myriad of processes. As Drexler Jordan: "evaluation of play before I think Jordan has 2000 ways to score after the game he had found 3000 ways to score." Jordan was the God of basketball, because his basketball skills, scoring methods, methods and patterns of play to the extreme. NBA League three points now flooding, never see Jordan and Kobe on the basketball show creativity. after reading what you have to say? Welcome to comment!Keith Haring x Reebok Classic Leather Lux Real debut 2013-12-08 23:39:19 coincided with the thirtieth anniversary of the & nbsp; Reebok Classic Leather then a new product, the Reebok again late pop artist Keith Haring's graffiti design combined with this classic jogging shoes, to create out of this & nbsp; Keith Haring x Reebok Classic Leather Lux. Tone shoes in white with red wave point graffiti in the end, and then the shoes of the original car line to replace the feeling of black lines to graffiti and loads a detachable heel graffiti means, highly pondering. Vans Surf Chauffette physical tushang 2013-12-08 22:52:03 skateboard brand Vans Vans Surf's always been committed to creating the most comfortable sense of leisure products, this pair of Vans Surf Chauffette recently appeared on the network, the upper gradient color design, it looks with a lot of ocean exotic beach between. Vans Surf nice shoes, believed to be keen on fashion and friends a good selection of products, like friends can continue to look. yesterday exposed Kenye West was wearing a pair of adidas Ultra Boost "All White" color concert news, so the shoes again unusually hot, today the network will bring a pair of the shoes light gray, it is learned This pair of shoes is adidas' creative director Dirk Sch & ouml; nberger Carnes hand in hand with design, perfect to show the minimalist style. It is reported that the shoes has landed some of the designated shops for sale, priced at 180 euros, and interested friends might concern you. Nike Lunar Force 1 Leather brand new black and red color release 2013-12-08 23:26:54 a new color of the & nbsp; Nike Lunar Force 1 Leather upcoming sale in major stores, this black and red color using a red Fuse material with black leather to create the main body of the shoe, and the shoe body Swoosh Obscure into the design, and finally with a comfortable Lunarlon midsole. It is reported that this & nbsp; Nike Lunar Force 1 Leather designated shops for sale in June 29 in major NSW.